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 -ookibloks levels -

Project Description

OokiBloks is a bouncy puzzle platformer about collecting bananas and slinging fruit at enemies. I created four levels using the proprietary level editor; two low-difficulty, and two high-difficulty. In addition, one of each pair is “combo-able” meaning that you can grab all the bananas (and finish the stage) without breaking the chain timer at the top of the screen.

-    Level Design  -    PC    -   2013 // 2 Days // Solo Project    -

Project Role

For this project I designed and iterated on four stages of varying difficulties, themes, and core elements.


The short timeframe meant I had to learn the ins and outs of the game quickly. I spent time playing with and studying the game mechanics and plotted out a progression of elements for my levels. Finally, I had to balance difficulty with the timing of banana pick ups.

Goals and Outcome

Besides reaching the basic level criteria I hoped that the stages would be engaging. The stages had a warm and competitive reception; challenging people to finish them with the added ability to combo bananas.

Software Tools Used

 -   OokiBloks Editor   -  


OokiBloks is a great game made by the people over at Studio Work3, Lampert & Sons, and Skyboy Games. 
If you want to give it a try for yourself, you can find it on on iOS,, or Steam.


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