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 -hacked together -

Project Description

Hacked Together was created in 48 hours during the Global GameJam 2014. This game marked my second collaboration with indie developers SassyBot Studio, based in Breda, Netherlands. The theme of the jam was “We see things not as they are, but as we are.”

Playing into the theme, our game is a two player, local splitscreen (the game works at a very wide resolution, enabling local multiplayer  by extending displays) game where the players are embroiled in a cat and mouse scenario; they must find and eliminate the other player in a factory full of identical robots. Players can operate on three different channels, indicated by the color of the bots on screen. Players can only see and interact with robots on the same channel. When a player switches channel, his color and location are briefly revealed. On the flip side, if you remain in a single channel for too long, your location is also given up periodically. Players must eliminate their opponent by getting in close proximity and then shocking them. The weapon has a cool down however, so players must be cautious not to leave themselves wide open.

The Hacked Together executable is available from our Global GameJam Page.

-    Animation // 3D Modeling // Texturing -   PC   -    2014 // 48 Hours // Team Project    -

Project Role

Besides contributing to the core concept and gameplay execution, my main role on the team was character artist and animator - I carried the process all the way through from concept to fully rigged, textured, and animated model.


Gamejams often represent firsts for me. In this case, I had to learn the basics of rigging and animation for use on the Unity platform on top of compressing the rest of the character creation process into our 48 development session.

Goals and Outcome

We aimed to deliver a polished and elegantly executed product. We had positive feedback from audiences playing the game after the event, and I feel that my contributions fit the overall look of the project well. 

On a personal note - putting my knowledge through the wringer on this project taught me a lot about absorbing practical skills in the short term and creative problem solving.

Software Tools Used

 -   Adobe PhotoShop // Autodesk Maya // Unity 3D // Marmoset Toolbag   -  



-   Programming by Elwin Verploegen //  -

-   Programming by Glenn Korver //  -

-   Design and Art Direction by Tino van der Kraan // -

-   Audio by Yero Pharaoh //   -


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