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 - King of the beach -

Project Description

King of the Beach is a coop-etitive bullet hell game with brain twisting gameplay; the action happens simultaneously in two directions, and  movements are mirrored on each side. Players control one color on the field by touching and dragging with their finger - collecting projectile fish of their own matching color while avoiding the others and collecting special items. Players must take care not to collide on either side or let miss fish as the playing field grows ever smaller.

KotB was created for and recipient of the ARM BE.MOBILE Prize at the 2014 Brain's Eden gamejam, a yearly industry sponsored competition in Cambridge, UK.

King of the Beach is a competitive local multiplayer game. It is best played on devices with large screens, with you and a friend sitting across from one another lenght-wise.

-    Production // Game Design // VFX // Texturing // Modeling   -   Android// Mobile Devices-   2014 // 48 Hours // Team Project(5)   -

Project Role

Formally, I was team lead on KoTB -  I was involved in getting the team organised and off the ground before being sent to Cambridge (we had to pass a selection process to be chosen to represent our school at the competition) and continued to function as producer, contact person, and all-round responsible person during the jam.

During production I shifted between various roles. I modeled and textured the game characters, created particle effects, and provided textures for environment assets such as the water.


Brain's Eden was a major test. Although working with experienced team members, it was my first time working with / managing them, and my first jam on a mobile platform. 

The prestige of the jam and expectations of the school we were representing (this year was our third victory in a row) made for a very high pressure jam - an environment that tested my adaptability and skills in working with new people.

Goals and Outcome

Revisiting Brain's Eden as a mentor each year now - I can see the general quality of games (and especially visual fidelity) steadily climb.

Although rough in visual polish, I think the charm and character of the game still shine through given it's short production cycle. The core mechanics break my brain to this day.



Software Tools Used

 -   Adobe PhotoShop // Autodesk Maya // Unity 3D   -  



-   Game Design by Brenden Gibbons //   -

-   Programming by Yan Knoop //   -

-   Programming by Querijn Heijmans //  -

-   Environment Art by Nikhat Ali //  -


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