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Cultivating A Personal Renaissance

 -ADOA -

(A Drawn Out Approach)

Project Description

ADOA is a fast-paced physics platformer where you are the environment. The walls. Specifically. Rewarding careful set up and quick reactions, ADOA was created for Global Game Jam 2015, under the theme "What do we do now?" 

To play, make sure you have an Xbox 360 Gamepad plugged in and the drivers installed. (Other dual analog stick controllers or gamepads might work, but don't quote me on that!) Extract the .ZIP to anywhere and just double click ADOA.exe. Please make sure to run the game at your native resolution.

-    Concept Design // Level Design // 2D Art   -    PC    -   2015 // 48 Hours // Team Project (3)   -

Project Role

Withing our GGJ team, I carried out all the design work and production for the game - from initial concept to core mechanics and progression in level design.

In addition I collaborated in the creation of 2D art for the game objects and guided the other team members as a mini producer; providing task lists and feedback on the implementation of features.


Inherent to the short timeframe of gamejams, challenges for ADOA came from finding an engaging, simple core mechanic that could be implemented and tested quickly but elegantly expanded upon in gameplay. On top of this, I had to find a level progression that both quickly taught players how to play and represented some of the interesting challenges and deeper gameplay in the concept. 

Finally, the aim was to leave enough time to work in a supportive visual style with few bespoke assets, leaving time to polish presentation and mechanics.

Goals and Outcome

We wanted to create a game that was polished in presentation and elegant in design - something we could all sink our teeth into. GGJ2015 was a good opportunity to test our teamwork and improvisational/personal skills - although the level progression in the game ramps up quickly, we had a very warm reception from players both during and after the event.



Software Tools Used

 -    Adobe PhotoShop // Unity 3D    -  



-   Procedural Environment Art by Robert Van Duursen //   -

-   Programming by Chris Hekman //   -


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