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Project Description

DM_GiTS is a 4-6 player deathmatch map I constructed for Unreal Tournament 3. The level was inspired by the parade scene in the film “Ghost in The Shell: Innocence,” and means to represent a futuristic cyber-cathedral.  Good flow and vertical gameplay opportunities were the central design points for the map, which aims to give players as much freedom as possible to chart their own path through the environment. Opportunistic players can make use of the higher ground, although the tight spaces and shot trap areas make this risky.



-    Level Design   -   PC   -   2013 // 10 days // Solo Project    -

Project Role

As level designer I oversaw DM_GiTS throughout its life cycle. After selecting a basic theme, I created and then worked from rough sketches describing the various layers, connections, and areas of the level. I built this initial setup in UDK with rough item placement and then iterated through it on a per area basis with both human and bot populated matches. 

Additionally, I pitched my level concept to a team or artists for possible arting.


Having decided the theme, a major challenge was creating geometry that would both create interesting gameplay and drive that visual style (and speak to the imagination of eventual artists). By extension, I was also required to learn the visual language of Unreal Tournament - the placing of items as pathing aids/exploration ques, lighting areas and powerups, and the effect of room scale on gameplay.

This project was also an introduction to UDK for me, picking up the ins and outs of the toolset as I developed my map.


Goals and Outcome

My aim for this map was centered around freedom of flow, to encourage real time choices as players avoid fire and maneuver towards items. Elements which allowed quick switching between vertical layers and interaction between those layers were also important. As a result, the map consists of 2 core areas connected by islands or terrain - with many cracks to escape into or trap opponents. The staircases central in the layout also encourage a figure 8 type movement pattern, channeling players into conflict.

In conclusion, I feel that the visual themes behind the project helped create interesting design elements through restriction.  

Software Tools Used

 -    Unreal Development Kit 3   -  


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